Turning the page to a new chapter, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs shares a confessional new single entitled “Baggage”. Listen HERE. Bishop also announces the arrival of her highly anticipated new EP, When Everything Went Dark – out June 23rd. Pre-save the EP HERE. See full EP tracklisting below. 

 On the track, Bishop embraces her stark humanity like never before. She adds, “I am not perfect. In fact, I’m quite messy. I could say life is messy, which it is, but part of becoming an adult has been acknowledging the messiness that I have too. “Baggage” is the first song where I stand in the mud and triumphantly stomp my feet in it. I can only hope that others feel empowered to own their version of messy and know that they aren’t alone in it. I have found that when I unabashedly show my imperfections and my wounds I am growing. So, there you have it, that’s my baggage.  

Re: the striking accompanying music video for the track, Bishop comments: “I didn’t know how well I could hide my sorrow until I did it. Outwardly I would have fleeting moments of socially acceptable niceties and then the minute I was alone I would dissociate, completely unable to function. How could these two extremities exist in one body? It was and is exhausting. I wanted this music video for “Baggage” to show that our blue circles aka our trauma can be meticulously hidden even if someone appears okay on the outside. I hope that whoever watches knows that they are not alone and that there’s a community of people waiting to be supportive.” 

To celebrate the news of the single and upcoming EP releases, Bishop Briggs announced her co-headline Don’t Look Down Tour with MisterWives this fall across North America. Tickets are available for purchase HERE.

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