Following the announcement of their debut album ‘Never Not Nothing’ (out 30th August via music For Nations), and the release of their latest aural and visual offering ‘Tunnel Vision’, sentient sonic anarchists Black Futures have announced a string of UK live dates for October. 

An unrelenting krautrock energy underpins swelling synths and wild, prophetic vocals, before the anthemic chorus of ‘Tunnel Vision’ explodes in melodic ecstasy. Accompanying the track, a warped and lysergic video – produced in conjunction with 3D animation artist Sam Gilmore – transcends and challenges social norms in a surreal and allegorical barrage of provocative symbolism.

Black Futures state: “Tunnel Vision is a love song to existence. A profession of absolute obsession and dedication to music, art, nature, progress and loved ones. An expression of the constant destructive will to create, making you a violent collision of contradicting devotion.The frustrating dichotomy between existing as a human now in 2019 and the battle not to destroy everything in your wake. Personally this is something that consumes us with equal parts hope and despair with every moment. 

“Tunnel Vision is also a tribute. A sonic totem to the obsession of radicals that push the boundaries of politics, rebellion, altruism, conservation, science, design…. pioneers breaking us from stasis, plucking us from our current norm on a quest to a gentler future. Often it can feel like you are alone on the edges of society constantly swimming against the current state of hyper-capitalist zombification. Struggling to exist as yourself within the confines of our society. You are not alone. Keep pushing. Keep true… Revolution is coming. Onwards to Newtopia!”

A collection of apocalyptic anthems emanating from a source of caustic melody and infectious distortion, Never Not Nothing is a further insight to their vision of a crumbling world, inhabited by a cast of random reprobates and shot through with a sardonic British humour: a devastating gathering of monumental, maximalist and magnificent music, laser-honed to conquer what’s left of the world.

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