Blossoms have launched their ‘Blossoms Pubcast’. The podcast is based at The Blossoms pub that gave the band their name in Stockport and a new episode will run each week. The first episode is currently number 2 in Apple Music’s Top Music Podcasts.

In the first episode Tom, Charlie, Josh, Joe and Myles discuss the perfect brew, anxious walks, winking bees, shortness and pointless lies. The band also check-in with Charlie’s ‘Grandad John’ and book a table for 50 Cent at a local café.

Key Clips from Episode 1:

Blossoms on negative YouTube comments:

Tom: ‘A lot of the meanest comments online are on YouTube. This is my favourite negative YouTube comment of the week. This is on our cover of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’. Gabe Clarke says: ‘I’d rather eat a burger fried in his (Tom’s) grease hair than listen to that again’.’

Joe: ‘Do you know what? It’s an inventive one that’.

Josh: ‘Fair play. Nicely crafted’.

Blossoms on pointless lies:

Tom: ‘Joe, you’ve been known to lie about stupid things. Pointless lies like ‘you get a £500 pound fine for eating an apple on a bike’. They’re kind of half believable.’

Josh: ‘For some reason you believe Joe’.

Myles: ‘You (Joe) do know things don’t you, that’s the deception behind it all.’

Joe: ‘Right, Neil Armstrongwhen he got back from the moon had to go through customs and immigration. Is it true?’

Josh: ‘I feel like I’ve heard this before. Whether it was you that has said it before…’

Myles: ‘Was he the first guy to go the moon? What happens when you land on the moon? You don’t land in an airport…’

Josh: ‘He didn’t land at Luton did he.’

Tom: ‘I don’t think it’s true.’

Joe: ‘It’s actually true. He had to go through customs and immigration… he doesn’t have a stamp on his passport does he!’

Blossoms are playing an extended run of key festival shows this summer, including Reading & Leeds, Community Festival, Parklife and Benicàssim. The band are also playing their biggest headline gig to date at Stockport County’s Edgeley Park Stadium on June 22.

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