Swedish alternative artist Boy Destroy has today released his eagerly anticipated, genre expansive sophomore 7 track Pink Cloud EP via Warner Music Sweden, with a new music video for lead single ‘Selfish Lies (Laudunum)’.

Taking its name from the painkiller that Lord Byron and other 19th century poets used, ‘Selfish Lies (Laudanum)’ is Boy Destroy’s softest offering to date, affecting and pure, co-written with Adam Olenius (lead singer of Shout Out Louds) and Cassandra ”Casso” Ströberg (Against The Current, Uffie). Grainy VHS captured memories are projected onto him in the music video, confronting his past under a melancholic colour palette.

“I came to think of Laudanum when I was in the mental space to write the song. I visited old relationships for short moments and tried to watch us from the outside, disconnected from the spell. I could see that love is just another drug for me. Attraction and affirmations are hard for me to resist. I don’t want to dominate and own another person, I want them to love and adore me.

I tend to get nostalgic for things that never existed. In all relationships, there are two or more parties who must interact and keep making the decision to stay together. That’s the hardest part. I have not been an example when it comes to being faithful and present. To think back to the time before things became so complicated. Walk around in a limbo between build up and decay. Nostalgic for lost grace, just waiting for everything to come apart. “ – Boy Destroy on ‘Selfish Lies (Laudanum)’

Pink clouding, or Pink Cloud Syndrome, is a phenomenon many recovering addicts experience when they first go into recovery. When pink clouding, they feel a sense of euphoria that’s then followed by a crash once reality sets in. Following on from 2021’s Warpaint EP, which documented his struggles with addiction, Pink Cloud EP sees Boy Destroy tackle the aftermath, detailing the tumultuous last year of his life which has seen him sign to Warner Music Sweden and play his first ever live shows; finding his footing, albeit apprehensively, into a limitless future.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m in the middle of an entanglement between the demon and my inner child,” he says. “I’m the loner who does their bidding. Free will is a fata morgana. I try to make the most of this life I call mine nowadays. Pink Cloud refers to me trying to find myself in this new reality I’ve been cast upon, trying anything and everything. Lyrically, the introspection remains intact, but my gaze is also directed towards external events and more dreamlike, nightmarish, states.”

Still imbued with macabre lyricism, unbridled honesty, and hooks plenty, Pink Cloud EP is Boy Destroy growing into a new form, distilling the realities of love, burnout and obsession into a thrilling and crossgenre 7 track EP.

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