Brian Eno releases a remastered edition of the seminal 2016 album ‘The Ship’, out today. It comes in eco-packaging and is available in coke bottle green transparent coloured vinyl. The release coincides with a live concert series of orchestral performances, ‘Ships’ where music from this album will have it’s worldwide premiere.

The performance also includes new and classic Eno compositions with Eno appearing with an ensemble that includes the actor, Peter Serafinowicz, singer, Melanie Pappenheim and long time collaborators Leo Abrahams and Peter Chilvers together with the 36-piece Baltic Sea Philharmonic conducted by Kristjan Järvi. They are currently in final rehearsals in Venice before two sold-out performances at the Teatro la Fenice on Saturday. The Tivolivredenburg Utrecht and the first show at London’s Royal Festival Hall also sold out, with only limited tickets remaining for London’s 2nd show, Paris and Berlin.

The 2 sold out performances of Ships will be the centre-piece of the 2023 Venice Biennale Musica where Eno will also receive the Venice Biennale Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement in music.

Brian Eno commented, “I’ve been talking and singing about ships for a long time…right back to my first albums. Ships symbolise freedom, escape, technology and community – but also alone-ness in the vastness of the oceans, and stowaways and slaves. And I found that ship songs allowed me to think in the first person plural – ‘we’ – rather than the singular ‘I’. I like to write about us more than about me.”

The album ’THE SHIP’ is an unusual piece in that it uses voice but doesn’t particularly rely on the song form. It’s an atmosphere with occasional characters drifting through it, characters lost in the vague space made by the music. There’s a sense of wartime in the background, and a sense of inevitability. There is also a sense of scale which suits an orchestra, and a sense of many people working together.”

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