Soft Cell – legendary frontman Marc Almond and producer/instrumentalist Dave Ball – share the album’s first official single ‘Bruises On My Illusions’.  The single is available now digitally, with CD and 12” vinyl singles available for pre-order.

‘Bruises On My Illusions’ possesses a baroque-meets-gothic ambience, with Dave Ball’s ominous yet dramatic synths supplementing the mood cast by Marc Almond’s evocative lyricism. Despite the pessimistic poetry of his words (“When every day is coloured in Soviet greys of sorrow / I’ll hold on to my blues”), the overarching message is to keep striving for brighter times ahead.

As Marc Almond explains, “‘Bruises On My Illusions’ is a mini film noir Soft Cell story about a disillusioned character with everything against him or her who still has hope for a better future, despite the odds. A darker ‘Bedsitter’. Dave’s ominous yet punchy defiant chords inspired the song.”

Dave Ball adds, ’One of our darker cinematic pop moments with a classic Marc Almond lyric.”

Bonus tracks on the single’s physical formats include ‘Bruises On My Illusions’ remixes from Dave Ball’s ‘other’ band The Grid, plus Manhattan Clique, a ‘Nighthawks’ remix courtesy of Throbbing Gristle legends Chris & Cosey, and extended versions of album tracks ‘*Happiness Not Included’ and ‘Heart Like Chernobyl’ plus bonus track ‘Vapourise’.

‘Bruises On My Illusions’ amplifies the anticipation for the release of ‘*Happiness Not Included’ on February 25th. It’s rich with the traits that fans first adored Soft Cell for: that distinctive and striking balance between light and shade, hope and despair, the personal and the universal. Changing perceptions of the passing of time are a recurring theme throughout. At various points, Almond explores the disappointment of a future that never materialised, reflects on his experiences at The Factory, expresses disillusionment at the modern media landscape, and comes to accept that life isn’t eternal.

Both ‘*Happiness Not Included’ and the CD and 12” formats of ‘Bruises On My Illusions’ are available to pre-order here.

Soft Cell will be previewing tracks from ‘*Happiness Not Included’ alongside their greatest hits, as well as performing their seminal 1981 debut album ‘Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret’ in full for the first time in a series of live shows this autumn.  Remaining tickets for the following dates are available here.

Wednesday 10 November 2021         GLASGOW O2 ACADEMY

Friday 12 November 2021        MANCHESTER O2 APOLLO

Saturday 13 November 2021        LEEDS O2 ACADEMY

Monday 15 November 2021         LONDON HAMMERSMITH APOLLO

Tuesday 16 November 2021        LONDON HAMMERSMITH APOLLO

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