Multi-platinum artist Bryce Vine releases his brand-new, introspective EP Problems today via Sire Records. The 5-track set includes previously released “Problems” and “Life Goes On” along with three more deeply personal songs penned during quarantine. When the world turned upside down, Bryce Vine grabbed a guitar, sequestered himself in a tiny bedroom, and catalogued the moment as it unfolded right in front of him. Without a filter, he let his guard down, spoke from the heart, and crafted what became the Problems EP out of eloquent observations, catchy confessions, and emotionally charged delivery.

Listen to the Problems EP HERE.

Bryce explains, “As life gets harder, I try to write things that make me feel better. It’s what I do. I never want to make the same song twice. A lot of this music was inspired while I was sitting by myself in my room during quarantine with nothing else to do but get better at guitar. That’s how I wrote as a kid in the living room or in my garage. It was a return to that.”

The EP’s focal track “It Falls Apart” embraces electric guitar cuts through a haze of skittering beats as Bryce admits, “I’m just as lost as you are, blame it all on the stars, if it falls apart, it falls apartyou light me up, I’ve been in the dark…” He describes the song as “a day-in-the-life of a shitty time. All of these songs have a sadness to them, but there’s hopefulness—because I will always try to stay hopeful.”

Problems EP Tracklisting:

  1. Life Goes On
  2. It Falls Apart
  3. Fireside
  4. Strawberry Water
  5. Problems (feat. Grady)

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