Continuing his streak of genre-spanning collaborations, Bryce Vine officially enters his pop-punk era with new single “Empty Bottles” (feat. MOD SUN), out today on Sire Records. Crafted with the help of legendary rock producer John Feldmann (Blink-182, Good Charlotte), the nostalgic guitar-driven track marks an entirely new evolution for Bryce as he reignites his pop-punk influences from the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. Listen to it HERE and watch the accompanying video HERE.

“My first memories of writing music were in my high school pop punk band,” Bryce explains. “I’ve always tried to infuse the energy and spirit of punk into my writing and performance, even across other genres. Working with legendary producer John Feldmann (lead singer and guitarist of Goldfinger) on ‘Empty Bottles’ has felt like a return to my roots in the purest form. I’ve been a fan of Mod Sun for years and this collab between us feels like a childhood dream come true.

Distilling nimble wordplay, hyper-charged hooks, and intimate guitars into genre-less and timeless songcraft, Bryce Vine leaves his stamp on pop music and culture. Since emerging in 2013, the Los Angeles-based multi-platinum singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist has quietly built a devoted audience with EPs such as Lazy Fair (2014) and Night Circus (2016). However, he popped off on an international scale with the double-platinum smash “Drew Barrymore.” It paved the way for the platinum “La La Land” [feat. YG] and his first full-length in 2019, Carnival. When the world shut down in 2020, Bryce also looked inward and released the contemplative EP Problems, and in 2021 he’s become a genre-spanning collaborator, joining Parmalee on their reimagined pop version of #1 country smash “Just the Way”; indie-pop artist FITZ on “Congratulations” ; Shaylen and KyleYouMadeThat for “Do Si Do,” and most recently, lovelytheband on “Miss You A Little.”

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