George Eve’s recent singles ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Gates’ have been highlighted by some of new music’s most influential champions – Jack Saunders at Radio 1, Complex, Clash and more – perfectly paving the way for today’s release of his debut EP ‘Burger The Exit’. The EP has been launched with the new single ‘Never Let You Go’ and has been released by Everybody’s Music, a new label from the management team behind Jack Garratt and Keane.

Those two tracks have established George’s ability as a songwriter who can tap into a laidback, feelgood vibe that perfectly captures the vibe as summer finally blooms. It’s an atmosphere that ‘Never Let You Go’ again delivers, but this time with a curveball. A jagged, bouncing riff detonates the song’s energy as Californian rock influences (Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers) merge naturally with synths and beats rooted in trap, plus an unexpected twist via some synthesised brass. Fittingly, George wrote the song in Los Angeles but its fiery vigour will inspire crowds wherever he goes.

George says, “‘Burger The Exit’ is my coming-of-age debut EP. It’s a combination of rock, pop, trap, indie and alt vibes, taking you on a journey through modern and retro influences. It’s my attempt to push the rock genre into new territory. The new single ‘Never Let You Go’ is a grungy, festival ready song that you can dance to, rock out to, and get lost in. It’s a poem and a journey.”

The EP is completed by another new track in the shape of ‘Fella Fella’. The most reflective song of the set, ‘Fella Fella’ offers a message of support and hope within an EP which is thematically dominated by the challenges of love and isolation.  Listen HERE.

George’s distinctive vision of multi-genre bedroom pop was largely self-produced on a laptop. It was subsequently completed with the help of producer Sam Duckworth (AKA Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly), and mixer Sean Oakley (Georgia, La Roux). The result is ‘Burger The Exit’, a snapshot of a new artist whose positivity and eclecticism marks him as one to watch in the months ahead.

‘Burger The Exit’ EP tracklist:

  1. ‘Gates’
  2. ‘I Don’t Mind’
  3. ‘Fella Fella’
  4. ‘Never Let You Go’


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