Calboa new single ‘Admission’ review by George Kirby.
Yorkshire based indie rock musician Calboa returns with his new single ‘Admission’. It is a track which bites with force, and his ability to inject catchy melodies with deep lyricism is inspiring.
Similar to indie tracks from yesteryear, ‘Admission’ follows a happy guitar rhythm which takes us from the ground instantly. I relish how the guitar sounds super sharp from the opener, and it leads us into Calboa’s space tremendously well. The rhythm which accompanies the melodic guitar is tight and although distant in the mix, keeps us swaying to its infectious arrangement.
Vocally, Calboa sounds on point. He sings with charisma, and his energy levels are soaring through the roof on this track. It appears lockdown may have given him the rest he needed because he has unleashed the goods here with a driving force which is difficult to keep at bay. Lyrically, Calboa follows a similar pattern to his previous work. So much so, he is become a modern-day Morrisey with him often delving into a grey area of life, but it is real, and the authentic nature of his poetry is refreshing.
For me, indie keeps getting better every time I hear a new track. It is the genre which brought me into the music world in the first place and to listen to a modern indie track like ‘Admission’; it reminds me of the reason why I fell in love with music. Also, I enjoy how Calboa keeps mixing up his sound regularly, and it appears that he is sticking to the feel-good structure, well for the time being anyway. Mind you, given the success of his previous track; it is clear to see why, it is a winner, and he is riding the hype and who can blame him.

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