Having exceeded a new career landmark of 15 million streams, Cassa Jackson and her ascent continues as she shares the storytelling new single ‘Reset Me’. The track looks set to build upon her growing profile, with highlights to date including Radio 1 Future Pop airplay from Mollie King, a spread of tastemaker attention, a TikTok Artist of the Week profile, and arena shows as guest to JLS and Blue. Listen HERE.

‘Reset Me’ is a beautifully intimate piano ballad in which Cassa’s ever elegant voice celebrates the joys that come with finding a new love. You can hear how much the relationship inspires her with the feeling that pulsates every note that she sings – it’s the sound of the positivity that radiates from a secure loving relationship.

It’s also a song in which Cassa Jackson expresses the vulnerability to share her story with her growing fanbase. From the very start they related to her stories of faltering relationships, false starts and wrong guys – although she still longed to make such a connection, as heard most powerfully in her fan favourite ‘Parallel Universe’. But then a new romance blossomed with last year’s ‘Summer With U’ EP before fully flourishing in life-affirming fashion with ‘Reset Me’.

Cassa says, “It just might be that I have finally found my ‘Parallel Universe’ which I was longing for in my biggest song. ‘Parallel Universe’ was written in the hope of finding someone who was ‘always gonna put me first’ and the raw, stripped-back ‘Reset Me’ is a celebration of finding that someone and appreciating everything about the new relationship. This song documents the process I went through in my relationship. I really do feel like he reset me and listening to this song makes me feel so warm inside.”

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