Canadian indie-folk artist Cat Clyde today releases her brand new studio album Down Rounder on her own Second Prize Records, alongside the official video for new single “Everywhere I Go” which  is a bouncy, folky slice of indie-rock. The breathtaking coming-of-age track touches on the realization of having to let some things go and hold other things close. That the duality of difficult experiences are often opportunities for growth and deeper insight. Clyde is currently on a UK tour supporting Lissie and tomorrow night plays Norwich Arts Centre.

Filmed in Glasgow, Clyde explains about the ‘Everywhere I Go’ video, “I created this video during my tour across the UK in February. It was filmed by Strummer Jasson mostly around Glasgow and traveling by train toward London, and in London. I wanted to capture the movement and message of the song as we travelled along, as traveling and movement are such a big part of my life”. 

Cat Clyde immediately sparked with producer Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney) in Los Angeles’ famed Sound City studios, laying down the entirety of the record in six days flat and striking listeners with an intimate, livewire electricity. Her malleable singing voice and contemplative, poetic lyricism espouse an essential connection between our spiritual center and the natural world that surrounds us.

Explaining the album’s title and thematic bent, Clyde shares: “I’ve always felt like a rounder. I feel the term encapsulates the lost and searching nature of railroad hobos, cowboys, gold miners, adventurers – a rounder is someone who moves around through natural landscapes looking for answers, to make sense of it all through movement and experience. To find something or some place that could feel like home, to belong to the land and feel a part of something greater.  During the making of this record I felt very lost and low and felt the songs were a way for me to explore myself and venture more deeply into my own natural landscape within. I was a down rounder, low down but still a rounder.”

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