Canadian born, London based pop singer-songwriter Cate releases her eagerly awaited new single, ‘Rocket Science’, alongside surprise bonus track ‘You Don’t Love Me’ via Believe – stream here.

After the summer releases of pop-infused anthems such as ‘U Want Me’ and ‘One Hit Wonder’, Cate’s new releases ‘Rocket Science’ and ‘You Don’t Love Me’ go down a path of melancholic reflection, the end result presents effortless country power ballads.

Fixed with twinned acoustic reverb partnered with Cate’s glossy vocals, ‘Rocket Science’ sees her tell a story of a toxic lover and the emotions of the affected party. The track is fuelled with playful yet painful lyricism recalling; ignorance, gaslighting behaviour, and casual infidelity, exposing Cate at her rawest form yet.

Talking about the track, Cate says: “I had the line “loving me isn’t rocket science” on my phone for a while. I’ve been in relationships in the past where sometimes things that would normally be common sense on what not to do in a relationship are done, and there’s this angry resentment that comes with it. I’m calling it my soft launch back into doing more country-pop music.”

Not leaving heartbreak at the door, bonus track ‘You Don’t Love Me’ is an emotional rollercoaster that recollects the distraught feelings that come along with a one sided collapse of a relationship. Stripped down to its bare acoustics that allow her fragile songlines to shine through, the song is testament to Cate’s versatile artistry.

Speaking about ‘You Don’t Love Me’, Cate explains: “I wrote this song about knowing someone has fallen out of love with you before they even know it themselves. It was one of the first songs I wrote in Nashville! I wrote it with Todd Clark and Donovan Woods. I’ve loved Donovan’s music for years so the session was a dream come true for me. We wrote about the small things that happen before a breakup and how devastating it is that the person you’re with isn’t doing the things / showing you they love you like they used to.”


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