Causier shares his brand new single ‘So Far’, which features his label mate Erin LeCount. LISTEN HERE.

With ‘So Far’, Causier uses dreamy, laidback bedroom pop as the prism to share two different perspectives on a casual relationship that could become more… if the couple can somehow rise to face their vulnerabilities. His half-spoken topline possesses a rap-like staccato as he talks of taking their connection to the next level, but there’s also a palpable air of melancholy that indicates his hopes might be in vain. And then Erin LeCount’s soothing vocal admits a willingness to push things forwards – but with the disclaimer that the only way their relationship can prosper is to quit playing games, rip the bandage off and take a chance on fresh heartbreak.

Erin explains, “So Far is a song about the realisation that young love is finite. Each relationship will be different, but they all start and end in similar ways. Mainly, with a conversation. The lyrics are the dialogue of a a couple once infatuated but now dysfunctional. Tired of their relationship the couple realise they must stop playing games, “rip the bandage off” and part ways”.

Causier adds, “So Far was written when reflecting on the similarities and differences between relationships in my life. Erin wrote her verse in the studio with myself and Amil in Shadwell. Her lyrics are response to mine from the perspective of the other half of a dysfunctional couple”.

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