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Chad Lawson announces new album ‘Breathe’

‘Breathe’ is a heart-felt invitation to pause and enjoy a cathartic moment of release.

World-renowned pianist Chad Lawson announces his double album breathe, set for release on 23 September. Featuring solo piano compositions and orchestrated arrangements, breathe is a heart-felt invitation to pause and enjoy a cathartic moment of release. Co-produced by Lawson and London-based orchestrator Geoff Lawson, the album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The orchestrated opening section features the lush string work of cellist Peter Gregson, violinist Esther Yoo, and members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as Lawson muses on such matters as the durability of true love (“fields of forever”), the sometimes-painful tension between family life and creative practice (“with you”), and the euphoria of joyful infatuation (“this is what love is”). The album’s latter half is comprised of solo piano arrangements that highlight Lawson’s attentive sculpting of melody, an element he regards as the most vital channel for emotional expression.

Chad comments on the new record “With this album I really wanted to create something where anyone can sit back, close their eyes, and release everything they’ve been holding inside,” who’s devoted much of the past few years to studying the science behind calming music and its neurological effects. “My hope is that this music can help people exhale and finally let all that go.” 

Watch the visualiser for the album opener, “irreplaceable” here 

Chad’s critically-acclaimed 2020 release You Finally Knew has over 250 million global streams and led to major sync deals for Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft, and Delta Airlines commercials. Also in 2020, Lawson launched his own podcast Calm It Down, which seeks to help listeners recharge and recenter through the power of music. Today, Calm It Down has 50-60k listeners per week and over 1.5 million downloads to date.

Last month, Chad Lawson released his meditative solo piano EP irreplaceable, which inspired listeners to find peace through their own irreplaceables in life. breathe is the next chapter in a career dedicated to helping others as Lawson continues to forge a powerful new pathway for healing with piano music.

With the forthcoming release of breathe, Lawson hopes that listeners will allow themselves a retreat from the incessant noise of everyday life. “The past couple of years have shown me that people are in need of something soothing to the mind, and I’m happy that I can provide that in some way,” he says. “At the end of the day, all I’m asking is for my music to be a place where people can go to tune out the outside world for a little while, and feel that emotional embrace that so many of us have been missing.”