Celebrated folk act Charles James & The Rise are thrilled to announce the release of their poignant new single, “Carry On”, out now. This marks the first release from their highly anticipated debut album, recorded at Attica Audio and produced by the acclaimed Orri McBrearty (Rosie Carney). LISTEN HERE

“Carry On” delves into the aftermath of loss, reflecting on acceptance as a pivotal stage of grief. It explores the profound transformation experienced through mourning and the enduring strength required to move forward. Featuring the exquisite contributions of Steve Wickham (The Waterboys) on mandolin and strings, and John Doherty (Little Hours) on backing vocals, the track embodies the haunting, cinematic folk sound that defines Charles James & The Rise.

About the song Charles James says “I started writing this song a few years back after the sudden loss of my father. I’d followed in his footsteps with a career at sea and he’s also the reason I became a pilot so I was quite lost in the months after. I’d have dreams where he was still alive and Carry On was born out of that first few seconds after waking up, the sinking realisation that he was gone and I’d just have to get used to it.”

Charles James & The Rise’s debut album, due for release early next year, promises a profound musical journey, with contributions from luminaries such as Steve Wickham and Laura McFadden (Arborist, Krea). Influences range from Kris Kristofferson and Leonard Cohen to contemporary greats like Jason Isbell, ensuring a rich, reflective auditory experience.

As Charles James & The Rise prepare to release “Carry On,” they invite listeners to embark on a deeply moving journey through grief, acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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