Charlotte Sands is in the middle of an epic breakthrough year – and there’s more to come. Having won a Heavy Music Award, toured Europe with 5 Seconds of Summer (including three UK arena dates), hit the road with The Band CAMINO, and announced the January 24th release date of her debut album ‘can we start over?’, Charlotte today shares the album’s second single ‘get over it’. Listen HERE.

Coming from the nostalgic ‘90s-tinged alt-rock side of Charlotte’s sonic spectrum, ‘get over it’ instead sources much of its heaviness from its emo-tinged lyrical themes. Charlotte’s searing voice brims with intensity as she sings of an infatuation that just won’t fade, even when she’s fully aware that rekindling that relationship would be doomed to failure. Yet as her lyrics forcefully state, it’s a compulsion that’s hard to resist: “I’m up so high, hope I don’t come down, if I fall I die, so I guess I’ll get over it.”

Charlotte says, ““get over it” is a song about the inability to let go of someone even when you know it’s the right thing to do. We wrote it about the feeling of being drawn to someone after ending a relationship, almost like this undeniable magnetic pull towards each other, and how easy it is to convince yourself to fall for the deception of those past emotions and previous history.

I wanted the song to feel upbeat and happy and reflect the moments where you’re allowing yourself to be delusional about a non-existent relationship with this person. There’s something about letting go of what you’re supposed to do and instead leaning into the chaos of the situation that I felt inspired by and also very much related to.”

Charlotte Sands wrote ‘get over it’ with producers Keith ‘Ten4’ Sorrells and Alex Nice, as well as solo artist Jutes.

The ‘can we start over?’ album is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE. In addition to its digital release, Charlotte’s official store offers a signed limited edition marble-blue vinyl, a signed CD, and a new t-shirt design.

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