Ambient and experimental electronic pop connoisseur Childe has today released his debut EP ‘Childe’ via Prolifica Inc, alongside visuals for lead single ‘You There’. Stream the EP here

The debut EP from Childe is an immaculate coming-of-age collection of vulnerable electronic pop comforts, that found their inception whilst the artist was travelling across America. A transgressive and eclectic fusion of indie and electronica, the EP sees the introspective artist confront his relationship with trauma, lonerism, and addiction to destruction.

Along with the debut EP Childe has shared visuals for the experimental neo-soul slow-jam ‘You There’, that showcases his most impressive delivery to date. Speaking about the track he says “It’s about searching for something real. It’s the story I told myself about how life would turn out, and then figuring out what to do when it doesn’t. It’s a reconciliation of that.”

The EP is preceded by the eponymously named single, a bittersweet tale that perfectly encapsulates the draw into a relationship’s dark side. It’s a track that fits seamlessly into this tapestry of an EP that balances the line between experimental and iconic indie pop – from the insightful lyricism of ‘Two Thirds’ to the introspective ‘Just Me’, and the raw emotive power behind ‘Bad Ideas’.

“This EP is full of conversations.” Childe says. “It’s DIY therapy. Whether I’m talking to myself about loneliness on ‘Just Me’, or the inevitability of temptation on ‘Bad Ideas’, all these songs have helped me to process the last five years of my life. It’s always hard to say it’s finished, and maybe it never is, but I know I’ll be able to look back on these songs as a time capsule and I love that.”

In less than a year of releasing music, Childe has proven to have all the ingredients to capture a listener’s imagination with his emotionally-wrenching storytelling set to soaring ambient songwriting. Growing up in a rural English town, surrounded by a music obsessed family, his talents led him to study theatre at the legendary performing arts BRIT school provided an inspiring environment for Childe, that led to on to support slots with King Princess on tour. It’s Childe’s unconventional take on pop music punctuated by that fantastical persona that provides a vital tonic for modern-day pressures.

Citing Imogen Heap, Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver and Bright Eyes as major influences alongside his biggest teachers Thom Yorke and Tracy Chapman, Childe’s songs are unflinching emotive tales set to stunning sonic amalgamations that have amassed well over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify since Summer 2020.

“The thing that connects my songs is that they all started as a way of me figuring something out.  It’s about being okay with the journey of life, learning to bed myself in and trust the process and to know that it’s okay for expectations to change, to mess up and to reconcile.  I come to a song with a problem, and the song helps me fix the problem.”

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