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Christy releases ‘I Don’t Love You’

Rising Scottish pop star Christy O’Donnell has today shared his latest single ‘I Don’t Love You’, out now

Rising Scottish pop star Christy O’Donnell has today shared his latest single ‘I Don’t Love You’, out now via Decca Records. Listen here

Following on from his previous single ‘Without You’ and feelings of a love fading away, Christy this time ponders whether a love is worth keeping. Blissful guitar strums and smooth vocals blend into a thumping chorus on a track that further cements Christy’s trademark alt-pop sound.

Christy says of the track: “‘I Don’t Love You’ is a song I wrote when I started to question if I still loved the person I was with anymore. I was very confused what love actually is, so I realised it was easier to write it in a song rather than tell them. For me, this song questions what it actually means to love someone. ‘If I don’t cry, when you cry, does that mean, I don’t love you?’ I wrote this in Glasgow after I had just come back from the person’s house when the feelings were super. I actually still haven’t ever played the person it, so hopefully they will finally hear it and understand!”

Christy has quite the elaborate back-story. Starting off as a busker on the streets of Glasgow, he earned up to £200 a day, drew in large crowds and gained proper local fame. Somewhere down the line, between trips to Europe to busk, he signed to an acting agency and began to dive into acting.

However, music was always his calling. He deeply missed it, realising he hadn’t written a song for four years. So he found a studio up some stairs in a tower in the historic Opera Garnier in Paris, where the production for one of his TV shows was based. In there was a piano and, between takes, Christy would hide, learning the instrument and eventually writing more music.

Now back home and with his feet firmly back in music, Christy has kickstarted the next stage of his artistic journey in style. His soul-baring and earnest lyrics backed by blissful acoustic melodies and lays bare his astonishing vocal range and has gained support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing Scotland, Notion, Daily Star and Record of the Day.

Christy plays his first show of 2023 at Courtyard Theatre in London on 21st February, supporting Alexander Stewart. Tickets can be found here