Cloudy June is taking the musical landscape by storm – something she owes not only to her very unique sound but also to her tremendously captivating attitude. Next level realness might be a good way to sum it up: unfiltered, straightforward, self-confident, and yet approachable at the same time. At just 24-years-old, she is already emerging as a queer icon and with 70 million streams to date, over a million monthly listeners at Spotify and major German airplay, and there’s much more to come. The singer and songwriter shares her second EP ‘21st Century Princess’ while the song of the same name is released as her new focus track. Watch the official video HERE.
The ‘21st Century Princess’ EP showcases all of the different aspects that make Cloudy June stand out from the pack. Throughout the course of six striking songs, Cloudy is sometimes bold and sometimes tongue-in-cheek; consistently strong but vulnerable too; her songs all based upon personal experiences and thoughts that many young adults can immediately relate to. The EP brings a breath of fresh air to today’s pop music and shows an artist who is both brave and free enough to share all of their raw humanity. Listen HERE.

The title track represents everything fans adore Cloudy June for. She stands up for everything she believes in, while the track’s combination of punchy dance beats with vocals which are as melodic as they are charismatic inspires you to move. 
Cloudy June says, “This track is about a woman who defies traditional expectations and societal norms. I chose this song to be the title track of my EP because it represents the message of empowerment and self-expression that I want to convey through my music. The woman in ‘21st Century Princess’ dyes her hair with ‘royal blood’ and gets tattoos because she is not afraid to break free from the traditional role of a passive and submissive princess. Welcome to the 21st century, where every woman should have the right to take control of her own life and story.”
The ‘21st Century Princess’ EP features three of Cloudy’s recent singles, starting with the empowering anti-oppression message of ‘Devil Is  A Woman’, a song which stands up for women’s rights and couldn’t come at a more appropriate time given current world events. The follow-up ‘You Problem’ features one of Cloudy’s favourite artists in the shape of emlyn and targeted the fragile egos of toxic men, while the ballad ‘Love Under The Influence’ explores the relatable experience of thinking that someone is perfect for you, only to eventually realise that your infatuation has masked the reality.
The EP is completed with two other new songs: ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know?’ and ‘Documentary’. The former is about a person who is in a relationship, but who still risks making advances towards others. You can look all you want but you can’t touch, Cloudy warns, while catchy synths and a bass-heavy beat heighten the tension. ‘Documentary’ is one of Cloudy’s favourite songs on the EP. 

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