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Cloudy June – ‘Devil Is A Woman’

The 24-year-old German/Cuban artist Cloudy June is emerging as a force to be reckoned with.  A rising feminist and queer icon, Cloudy June’s songs confront social expectations with blunt, no-holds-barred takes on issues such as sexuality and equality aided by her talent for instantly unforgettable song titles (‘FU In My Head’, ‘Throw Up When I See Your Face’, ‘Mommy issues’, ‘High Waist To Hell’). As a result, her independent releases have now exceeded 40 million streams, while her IRL following has seen her sell-out her debut headline tour of Germany.

Now Cloudy June commences a new deal with Columbia Germany / Sony Music by sharing the brand new single ‘Devil Is A Woman’, together with its official video. Teasers for the song have already been viewed 200,000 times at TikTok alone, where her rapidly expanding engagement has led to almost 3 million likes. Listen HERE. Watch the official video HERE.

A church bell heralds the start of ‘Devil Is A Woman’ as Cloudy June quickly asserts that her sexuality won’t be restrained by social conventions or outdated moral expectations. The dark pop of ‘Devil Is A Woman’ soon casts its own irresistible spell as she declares, “Your paradise sucks, but your hell sounds good to me.” And if hell is boiling over with belligerent hip-hop beats, juddering electro flourishes and sultry, seductive vocals, who needs heaven? Toying with religious imagery, it’s a song which stands up against any force which aims to oppress women’s freedom.

Cloudy June says, “If a woman who fights for freedom becomes the devil in someone’s eyes, I’d rather go to hell with her than go to their heaven. That’s what ‘Devil Is A Woman’ is about.”

Based in Berlin, Cloudy June previously fronted a death metal band before putting her focus on her solo project. While she shed her previous sonic brutality for this pop-leaning sound, she retained a love for shock value which she infused with the taboo-confronting topics of this summer’s ‘Unthinkable’ EP.  The reaction it inspired – 15 million+ streams for ‘FU In My Head’ alone, almost 9 million video views, and a rapidly growing following across social media – suggests that Cloudy June’s upcoming new music will start 2023 with a bang.

Cloudy June recently announced details of her ‘Does Your Girlfriend Tour?’ 2023 European headline tour. The 16-date tour includes shows in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Austria and France. Please see HERE for a full list of dates and HERE for tickets to the London show at Camden Assembly.