Artists like Cloudy June don’t come around too often. The 24-year-old German/Cuban rising talent plays alluring dark pop informed by a defiant desire to empower both women everywhere and the LGBTQ+ community. Having exceeded 40 million streams to date, her crossover potential was again underlined as her latest single, ‘Devil is a Woman’, rapidly exceeded a million streams. And her backstory only underlines her uniqueness – the next wave pop star previously fronted a death metal band, inspired by her love for Opeth and Arch Enemy.
Now Cloudy June steps again by teaming up with her kindred spirit emlyn for the new single ‘You Problem’. LISTEN HERE

On the sassy strut of ‘You Problem’, Cloudy June and emlyn take aim at a man who thinks he’s a player, but is anything but. Trading slick verses, the duo tell it as it is (“Your friends all think you suck… she’s way out of your league”) before coming together for an instantly addictive hook which concludes with the meme-worthy declaration, “Your only true problem is a you problem.” The song was produced by TVVINs and co-written by Cloudy June, emlyn and TVVINS.

Cloudy June says, “‘You Problem’ came to be in a session with emlyn, one of my favourite artists.  We both are unapologetic in our songs and we both have had experiences with toxic men. ‘You Problem’ is aimed at these men who try to keep you down in order to protect their own fragile ego and ultimately end up alone because of their behaviour. If you treat others badly and then wonder why they turn away from you – that’s on you.”
Mixing darkness and light has been a recurring theme of Cloudy June’s life and music. She first fell under the spell of all things metal as a rebellion, its provocative style the polar opposite to religious people in her family. Soon enough, she discovered just how thrilling and cathartic such aggressive music could be and fronted a band of her own. And while her subsequent solo career focuses on edgy alternative pop, her love of metal’s shock value and theatricality remains a big part of her work – as recently demonstrated by the twisted religious imagery used in the ‘Devil is a Woman’ lyrics. She also cites Courtney Love as a particular inspiration – an artist unafraid to unapologetically express her opinions, regardless of who she might upset. 
Inspired by the creativity that flourishes throughout her hometown of Berlin, Cloudy June is growing with every release, with her accomplishments so far including almost 20 million streams and 9 million video views for ‘FU In My Head’, the release of her six-track EP ‘Unthinkable’ and a sold-out tour of Germany. Bringing a rock star vibe to the pop world, Cloudy June will embark upon her ‘Does Your Girlfriend Tour?’ European headline tour from March. Tickets for the London show at Camden Assembly on April 12th are available HERE. Please see HERE for a full list of dates.

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