Cody Frost today releases her debut mixtape ‘TEETH’, which is released alongside an official video for the new track ‘redundant’. Delving into a frenetic whirlwind of maximalist sounds – from hyperpop to industrial – it sees Codyevolving in a manner that’s more provocative, abrasive and sheer fun than ever before, with her post-emo visual style adding to her growing artistry. Her already striking voice has also taken on a new power, as she moves at will from soulfulness to screaming. Its previous releases have received growing critical acclaim, as well as airplay spanning Radio 1, BBC Introducing and Kerrang! Radio.  Listen HERE.

Cody says, “‘TEETH’ is the culmination of my brain’s thoughts over the past two years, some songs are a little older and have taken a new meaning over time for me. The final song is the title track, and some may have heard it before under the guise of ‘we are all addicted’. I know a lot of people have been waiting for some of these songs and I’ve never been more passionate about a piece of work before. I wanted to explore my more ‘heavy’ roots and really show the stuff I’m nerdy about.”

Cody reconnected with those heavy roots by boldly going hard alongside her regular creative collaborator Dan Weller, co-founder of the recently reunited cult tech-metal band SikTh and producer/mixer for the likes of Enter Shikari and BABYMETAL.

The new track ‘redundant’ is one of the brighter, pop-orientated moments of the mixtape but its playfulness still has a sting-in-the-tail courtesy of Cody’s barbed lyrics. It takes a sardonic swipe at the kind of superficial, try-hard, attention-seeking character that you’ll encounter across the length-and-breadth of the country. The video matches the concept, featuring Cody dressed as the target of her scorn before she loosens up and joins in the house party chaos.  Watch the video  HERE.

She adds, “I just wanted to have fun with this one. The song is  about giving up the ‘suit guy’ life and just joining the party, and I was hoping to reflect that. I knew I wanted to wear a Bowie/Annie Lennox-esque suit and that I would be shedding the layers as the song developed. It’s not that deep, but it kinda hints at me shedding the old me also too.  The video was also super fun to make, and the fact that everyone ended up being styled super ‘60s/’70s was kind of unplanned, but I really loved the aesthetic.”

Having recently played London shows for BBC Introducing, Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club and Worn Out Tuesdays as well as Liverpool Sound City, Cody is now set to hit The Great Escape next week and Mighty Hoopla in June.

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