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Cody Frost shares new single ‘Chaos’

Cody Frost shares the new single ‘CHAOS’ and announces the May 6th release date of her new mixtape ‘TEETH’.

Cody Frost shares the new single ‘CHAOS’ and announces the May 6th release date of her new mixtape ‘TEETH’. The single follows the recent releases ‘DWYSSWM’ and ‘BERLIN’, which saw Cody introduce explosive and eccentric new elements to her sound. What didn’t change was the acclaim that has greeted each of her releases, this time including airplay from Gemma Bradley at BBC Music Introducing, fresh attention from The Line of Best Fit, Notion and Kerrang!, and even praise from the iconic Boy George

‘CHAOS’ is as wild and weird as you’d expect from its title, but it’s still informed by the kind of addictive hooks that Cody delivers even in her darkest moments. It unfolds like a hyperpop fever dream, jumping from its trance-like intro to heavy industrial riffs as Cody’s voice jolts from sweet to savage. Cody wrote the song during lockdown as a playful representation of how she feels when her ADHD takes hold. The song is her latest collaboration with Dan Weller, co-founder of cult tech-metal band SikTh and producer/mixer for the likes of Enter Shikari and Bury Tomorrow.

Cody says, “‘CHAOS’ is a song about stepping into the adult world and realising that nothing is in your control. Although I mention that everyone has ADHD and likes smoking weed I don’t mean it literally, this only relates to my personal experiences. Being an adult is about fixing your inner child and trying to stay on top of things constantly, and I found that we are all trying to escape. It’s also about realising that the people that you once idolised also have no idea what is going on, and also mess up.”

In contrast, the ‘CHAOS’ video celebrates the positive side of losing control. As Cody continues, “The video is loosely based on a pre-2007 aesthetic. I grew up watching ‘Skins; and music videos with messy house parties and I wanted to throw a party that my younger self would be proud of. The two characters have a small hint of me and my best friend when we were kids, and I wanted to have a cheeky nod to that.”

The seven-track ‘TEETH’ mixtape is infinitely more in-your-face than Cody’s acclaimed debut EP ‘IT’S NOT REAL’. A maximalist mash-up of amplified aggression, experimental exploration and dramatic dynamics, it also sees Cody’s forthright lyricism becoming ever more candid. The ‘TEETH’ mixtape will feature ‘CHAOS’, ‘DWYSSWM’ and ‘BERLIN’ plus another four brand new tracks. Cody also illustrated the artwork for both ‘CHAOS’ and ‘TEETH’ as she reiterates her triple-talents as a musician, visual artist (she sells art prints HERE) and tattooist.

‘TEETH’ is now available to pre-save or pre-order HERE.