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Crawlers – Live In Nottingham Review

This is one of those moments that felt like history was being made right in front of me.

Crawlers Live in Nottingham Review

Although Crawlers have been together for four years now, they’re probably a band who have only really start to draw attention due to the recent popularity of their track “Come Over (Again)” on TikTok. However, with fans queuing outside Rescue Rooms in Nottingham since lunchtime where the band are playing the latest date on their UK tour, they’re fast becoming a band that no-one can ignore. Described by that hardcore fanbase as a band for “mentally unstable gay people” and with the industry labelling them as possibly one of 2023s hottest new artists, this gig is a chance to see if the band live up to their fast growing reputation.

Having released one of the best mini-albums of the past couple of years in their mixtape “Loud Without Noise”, there is always the concern that they won’t be able to execute the songs live as well as the recorded versions, a rabbit hole many bands fall into. Tonight we’ll see if this is the case.

Special mention must also go to their support band Uninvited, a Glaswegian indie-rock band whose track “Behind The Black Door” is one of the best songs of the year. Playing with passion, you can see the chemistry within the group which, in turn, creates an incredible atmosphere where it was as if the band are crowd were completely in sync with each other. The sight of the whole crowd jumping and dancing created an incredible adrenline rush something very few bands can give and is something you simply cannot teach a band. Uninvited are one of those bands who have something very special with all things pointing to them becoming massive.

Now, onto Crawlers who, by the end of their set, had left me speechless and for more than one reason. Firstly, there is the sublime chemistry betweem the band almost as if they were meant to be together and, with every song played with such dedication and love, the four friends made sure they had your attention from the get-go.

Playing songs from their self-titled EP, their new mixtape and other fan favourites, their setlist showed off their range, talent and singer Holly Minto’s vocals really well. This brings us to the real highlight of the show.

Possessing the kind of stage presence we have only seen in one other artist, Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine, vocalist Holly Minto is fast becoming one of the best singers we have seen in many year. Opening with “Too Soon”, Minto delivers a performance full of energy and passion singing every word from the heart. Maintaining this level right through to the incredible finale “I Don’t Want It”, she never drops her standards. Holding the crowd in the palm of their hands, Crawlers engaged the crowd with talk about their monkey mascot along with passionate speeches about arts eduction between songs showing they are a band as dedicated to their causes as they are their music.

By the end of their set, Crawlers had demonstrated why people are talking about them as one of the most exciting new bands around and they’re clearly here to stay. From the band chemistry to the stage presence, this felt like of those moments that felt like history was being made because, if they carry on like this, in ten years time it is not impossible to see Crawlers headlining major festivals. For now though, this is just the beginning of something extraordinary so best strap yourself in and be prepared for the explosion as Crawlers take over the world.

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