Young Sheffield Indie Rock Outfit Crossfire Eagles Released their Uplifting Anthemic Single ‘Step Out’ on 5th June 2020

With catchy melodies and an infection indie rhythm at its heart, this band certainly has a big future ahead of them. Driven by relentless riffs, this is subconsciously an uplifting, anthemic band hailing from Sheffield.

Previous single ‘Episode’ was received with a huge number of plaudits with the song taking a heartfelt look into some quite serious issues they’ve noticed living in Sheffield.

New single ‘Step Out’ see’s the band return just one month after their previous release with a more raucous & powerful indie rock track that will see the band reach even new heights. Here’s what the band have to say about the single.

Step Out is a song that takes inspiration from the musical styles of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foo Fighters and is blended together to create a very anthemic and chorus driven song. This song is very memorable and would appeal to fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Courteeners and The Killers to name a few. The lyrics are about embracing love and affection towards someone, where one “Steps Out” of the friend zone and into a relationship with the one they love. Taking the big leap of faith!”

Crossfire Eagles are a guitar melody-driven band with catchy hooks and choruses that stay in your head all day long. They are a well-balanced hybrid of Indie Rock and Classic Rock, where you can hear influences from bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and Courteeners, all the way to bands such as Queen and Foo Fighters. The young Sheffield band is going from strength to strength with gig offers coming out of their noses and are currently working on material for a new EP.

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