Eleanor K’s recent singles ‘The Panic’s Over’ and ‘All In’ have presented a beguiling taste of what to expect from her debut album ‘Everytime’s The Last Time’, which will follow in 2022. The two songs have inspired an initial wave of critical acclaim, with many falling under the spell of her sumptuous vocals, intricate soundscapes and candid lyricism.

Those two songs are chapters in the wider redemptive story that Eleanor K will present with ‘Everytime’s The Last Time’. The narrative continues to unfold as she today shares her new single ‘Cry In Givenchy’. Listen HERE.

‘Cry In Givenchy’ tells the tale of a relationship from start-to-finish in episodic flashbacks. Eleanor K is in no mood to hold back, and lyrical red lights flash with a carnivalesque intensity, from “Told me you were getting sober / But you were drunk by the afternoon” to the song’s gaslit conclusion. But the song’s main hook and title also demonstrates there’s also a self-depreciating admittance of trying to fit in with his delusions of grandeur.

Written and produced solely by Eleanor K, ‘Cry In Givenchy’ also finds her charting other genres. It veers into neo soul and alternative R&B, with Eleanor’s voice carrying the chic sophistication that informs all of her solo work.

Eleanor K says, “It’s a love story about someone who is wrapped up in a fantasy, a narcissistic storyline that I simultaneously want to be a part of and also want nothing to do with. It’s about getting caught up chasing the wrong things, essentially. ‘I’ll cry for you in Givenchy / It’s more beautiful that way’ is me making fun of myself as well, as someone who has very much been caught up in it all.”

An official video for ‘Cry In Givenchy’ will follow, which was directed by actor Jack Fox (‘Riviera’, ‘Sanditon’). It represents their second collaboration together after he starred in the video for ‘All In’.

‘Cry In Givenchy’ again shows Eleanor K’s creative diversity, having first risen to prominence with a decade of performing with Crystal Fighters. She adored their journey together – how could you not when you grace everywhere from Red Rocks to Glastonbury? But between the hectic highs of touring and the darkside of self-reflection during down time, she realised she needed to return to a more conventional routine. Once that was achieved, looking inwards fuelled her creativity as she began to craft leftfield pop with a streak of existentialism and sober self-analysis.

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