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Daniel Briskin releases video for ‘Cash Cow’

Daniel Briskin follows the release of his single ‘Cash Cow’ with an evocative video, directed by Kelvin Jones.

North London-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Daniel Briskin follows the release of his single ‘Cash Cow’ with an evocative video, directed by Kelvin Jones.

The video revolves around the concept of being absentminded and concentrating on the wrong parts of your life which can create an air of toxicity around you. The saturated tones and vivid imagery are the perfect match for the songs sun-kissed groove.

Jones is young creative who’s been making his mark in the industry in recent years working with the likes of Aitch, Tion Wayne, Headie One and KSI. “Collaborating with Daniel was sick” Kelvin says of the shoot. “He was open and eager to get stuck in into any task that I gave him. Working on the idea with Daniel was quite free, he trusted my creative thought process for the video, so it was easy for me navigate about things.”

Following February’s release of the ‘Forever Was A Feeling’ mixtape, his PMR debut, Daniel returned with ‘Cash Cow’. The first true glimpse of this sensational emerging artist’s global ambition. It’s the first in a series of single releases that’ll take Daniel through to 2022.

With Briskin still under the tutelage of Klaxons founding member Jamie Reynolds, Cash Cow finds Daniel collaborating with hotly-tipped producer Matt Zara, who became a minor sensation during lockdown after he took the top spot in Kenny Beats’ beat battle. A few hours into their first session together Daniel and Matt had created Cash Cow, an invigorating hip-hop-influenced jam with sonic nods to Blueprint-era Jay-Z and lyrics that find Daniel emerging from personal (and global) challenges of the last year with a renewed sense of agency.

Its about the idea of standing up to exploitation,” Daniel says, and about how I was in this dark place, but I’m coming out the other side, and I’m not here to be taken advantage of or turned into a cash cow. In the music world — and everywhere really — you come across a lot of manipulative people but I’m not going to stoop to their levels. I’m going to stay exactly where I am, and who I am. And I know who I am. If people are trying to mess with me, well… Let them try.

‘Cash Cow’ is the latest instalment in this distinctive new talent’s journey with PMR, which is set to reach new heights with the release of three further singles in the coming months. This all builds on the ‘Forever Was A Feeling’ mixtape, an immersive body of work recorded with Jamie Reynolds which featured singles like ‘Yellow’ and ‘Boy On The Lake’, the latter identified by Clash Magazine as “a miniature masterpiece”. While that mixtape expertly captured the claustrophobia of late adolescence, Cash Cow and the other forthcoming releases are the sound of Daniel coming out of his shell. As he puts it: “The new music is the sound of me going: ‘Fuck it, I’m 20 years old, why am I not having fun?’ I feel now as if I’ve figured some things out. I feel like I’ve really come into my own.”

Cash Cow’s admirably literal artwork features Daniel Briskin with a cow — cardboard, Daniel notes with some dismay, “because we couldn’t fit a real one up the stairs to the photo studio”. The cow, as yet unnamed, now lives in Daniel’s home studio.