Introducing a musician without borders: Daniel Donskoy. Starting in Moscow, Daniel’s career has taken him all over the world, from Germany to North America, the Middle East to London and shows no signs of stopping. Known for acting in various prime-time TV productions including HBO’s Strike Back, BBC‘s Detectorists and Netflix series The Crown, today he releases his debut single ‘24’. LISTEN HERE.

Written and produced in London and Berlin, ‘24’ is one of six tracks to be released over the coming months.  It’s a song about the longing for adrenaline and emotional peaks. We want to feel – by whatever means necessary. No standing still. Never average. Not a second of mediocrity. This is the honest introduction of a musician said to be the lovechild of cosmopolitan openness and simply not giving a f*ck!

“It’s all about the high for me. But you’ve got to let your feelings stir you in the right direction to get to that point. You smile and have to trust that every high, whatever it is, will be followed by a low. But it’s nothing to be scared of, simply the truth, and the truth can’t hurt you if you accept it. I learnt to accept that, by now and treasure my awareness of that.” — Daniel Donskoy .

Immerse yourself in his world of electronic-infused R ‘n’ B with dark yet lively hooks, luring you into a trance of enigmatic sensuality, leaving you longing for more. 80s-style pads and crisp drum samples lay a solid foundation for Daniel’s intimate and honest vocals, his lyrics creating an irresistible marriage of London grit and Berlin-style hedonism.

We follow Daniel through the highs and lows of his emotional world. An up- and-down not just perfected in the sensual lyrics, but through the song’s entire composition. Between all the dynamic layers,  “24” never gives over to pop-arrangement clichés or predictability.



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