Out now, Make It’ is the first picture in a personal scrapbook of songs by Daniel Schulz.

He has travelled the World as a Danish streaming-hit sensation but the brand-new single is a new beginning for the24-year old pop artist! Daniel Schulz is known for his Scandinavian pop-a blend of uplifting beats and notes of melancholy with twists of modern hip hop and R&B. His genuine way of expressing his own life in his songwriting was an immediate hit, when the self-released single, ‘Turn Back Time’, hit the charts in 2017 becoming the most streamed debut-single by a Danish artist ever.

He has travelled the World and written songs with amazing producers known for making hit records with massive pop stars like Post Malone, Zara Larsson, Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj. But the studio high-life and rapid success was disrupted by changes in Daniel’s personal as well as emotional life.

Now, with a Dream Team of his own, Daniel Schulz is ready to tell his story–he is ready for a new beginning–and ready to ‘Make It’… again!“ I wanted to make these new songs a scrapbook of memories and moments to share with someone who doesn’t know my story, forcing myself into writing about the tough times and what truly means something to me. A frightening process, really. But, more than anything, expressing these feelings has made me feel free,”Daniel says.‘Make It is the both uplifting, inspiring and flawlessly catchy lead single from what will become a debut album by the 24-year old artist–and a song from Daniel to a dear friend who needed love and encouragement to see the bright sides of life again.

“‘Make It’ was written for one of my best friends who needed it but eventually, it spoke to me too and what I’ve been going through for the past five years. Here it is for the World to hear it and I hope it will be a melody of optimism and light to everyone listening.”

Following the release of last years’ ‘9720’-EP, Daniel is headed for new adventures with ‘Make It’. Written along with renowned Danish hitmakers and brothers, Frederik and Fridolin Nordsø, Daniel Schulz has alsojoined forces with his long-time friends and collaborators, Lasse Baunkilde and Jonas Henriksen, to create pop anecdotes and musical pictures out of his stories.’Make It’ is out now.

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