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Daphne Guinness new video ‘Heaven’ out now

It’s a thrilling ride, with shades of operatic pop, musical theatre, 80s electro and tales of late-night bohemia – Record Collector

Daphne Guinness today releases a new music video directed by David LaChapelle, to accompany ‘Heaven’. The track is lifted from Guinness’ widely praised new album ‘Revelations’ (out now via Agent Anonyme/Absolute), recorded with David Bowie producer Tony Visconti at Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris. LaChapelle has previously collaborated with Guinness on a series of three interconnected art films, also titled ‘Revelations’, which secured a nomination at this year’s Berlin Music Video Awards. Watch the video for ‘Heaven’ from here.

LaChapelle’s sumptuously produced video takes cues variously from Hedy Lamarr and the golden age of Hollywood, alongside A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a depiction of an era-spanning romance which also considers the death of The American Dream. Speaking about the video, Daphne notes; “‘Heaven’ is the fifth in a Pentalogy of films I have made so far with David. In a way it’s a companion piece to the first, ‘Evening In Space’, but whereas that film was set in a far off galaxy, ‘Heaven’ is very much set in the real world, albeit a world of glamorous golden era Hollywood. Everything will deteriorate eventually but great love stories live forever through films and songs.
David and I were driving in LA in an open top car when I first played him the song. We turned off the freeway and found ourselves caught in the crossfire of a shootout between some cops and the car they had been chasing. It could be that the experience became indelibly linked to the song which was then reflected in David’s gentle treatment of the fragility and transience of life in the ‘Heaven’ film.”
Recalling the musical creation of the cooly rueful ‘Heaven’, Guinness says; “It’s a classic heartbreak anthem. We really nailed the French/Euro disco drum sound on this track. Our studio engineer Michel Tanturier used a particular mic technique on the kick/snare. Beautiful analogue synth textures come from Roger Manning who has worked with Beck and Air”.

‘Revelations’ is Daphne’s third album collaboration with Visconti, their creative partnership forged via an introduction from Bowie, a fan of Daphne’s music. Captured in a single week using analogue recording techniques, ‘Revelations’ finds Guinness on incisive form as she squares the circle between her asymmetric musical tastes and the uncertainties of the modern world. Once more partnering with her musical director, Malcolm Doherty, for ‘Revelations’ Daphne has brought together a band featuring Doherty & Terry Miles (Go-Kart Mozart), alongside Roger Manning Jr and Rod Melvin (Brian Eno).

Though you’ve probably heard the name, Guinness somehow resists definition. There’s the close friendships with Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, the various collaborations with artists & designers, alongside well-respected ventures in the world of film. If you’re wondering what her reason for making music might be, it’s better to ask is why she waited so long. A young Daphne trained professionally as a Lieder singer, gaining a place at the Guildhall School of Music before life for her took a left turn towards marriage and raising her children.