“DUALITY”, the latest album from alternative classical music pioneer Dardust, is out now. Listen HERE. A double album comprising a total of 20 tracks, “DUALITY” is available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl and features two new focus tracks, ‘Space Samurai’ and ‘Petali’.

It follows the release of three taster EPs: #001 Coordinate#002 Hymns, and #003 Horizons (featuring Horizon In Your Eyes, previewed at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest).  Last month, Dardust announced he will headline the O2 Academy, Islington in London on 3rd April 2023. 

While on previous albums Dardust has added electronic soundscapes to his minimalist piano compositions, creating a genre that straddles neo-classical and pop, he has here chosen to split his two realms into two parallel but converging experiences.

“I’m fascinated by human psychology and my passion for this field of study has helped me understand the dualism that has always been part of the way I express myself musically,” explains the artist. “On my previous albums, the emotional world of the piano and the more cognitive world of electronic music have fused together to create new sonic perspectives and a crossover between neo-classical and pop, with magical elements drawn from film soundtracks, a certain kind of club scene, fantasy movies and Romanticism. For my latest project I decided to focus on the two different aspects as if they were being influenced by the different hemispheres of my brain. Black and White, Electronic Music and Piano. The two extremes of my musical and artistic imagination as Dardust.”

The two albums that make up “DUALITY” therefore represent the two hemispheres of the human brain. The solo piano tracks on RIGHT HEMISPHERE express the pure emotion and innocence of contemporary pianistic virtuosity through music inspired by the natural world and a more emotionally spontaneous sense of improvisation, like that of a poet. Its reference points come from Far Eastern culture: Kabuki theatre and Zen Buddhism. The concepts that run through these tracks are linked to a Japanese philosophy exemplified by sakura, the cherry blossom, representing fragility, beauty, mortality and renewal. Together, these 10 tracks portray the cyclical nature of life through the seasons and the way in which everything leads not to an epilogue but a prologue, a continuous sense of rebirth.

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