Songwriting duo David Ford and Annie Dressner have decided to showcase their brand new collaboration in some less than conventional settings. As summer comes around and the attentions of their fellow touring musicians turn toward the joys of muddy fields and festival toilets, Annie and David are heading to the seaside for a night at the theatre.

David Ford and Annie Dressner began their musical alliance in early 2022.

But listening to the blend of their voices and their timeless songwriting, you’d be forgiven for thinking they had been making music together forever. In truth Annie and David became friends in January, while playing on the same bill at a couple of gigs in the freezing North of England. Initially sitting in for a song or two in each other’s set, these brief moments of collaboration became a highlight of the show. Two weeks later, they had written and recorded their debut release, naming it 48 hours in honour of the two-day burst of creativity during which most of the material was written.

Annie Dressner was born and raised in New York City where she recorded the first of three acclaimed albums. Annie’s heartfelt, confessional writing style and honest vocal delivery have won her supporters at BBC Radio 2 and 6Music and secured numerous festival appearances.

David Ford is an award-winning songwriter and has been hailed by The Guardian as one of Britain’s finest live performers. His 2022 solo album May You Live in Interesting Times was album of the week in both The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times. David is from Eastbourne.

Despite such different places of origin, Annie and David easily found much common ground upon which to build a creative partnership. They share a love of sweet harmony singing, brutally emotive songwriting and the joy of an exquisitely prepared bagel. They also both spent their early years imagining a future treading the boards of theatre stages rather than the sticky carpets of music venues. So it seemed only appropriate that their first headline tour should see them perform together in small theatres, spaces equipped to match the atmosphere and intimacy of the songs

David Ford and Annie Dressner present The Summer Holiday Tour, a unique evening of song. A collection of tender musical moments arranged for the www.

48 Hours with David Ford and Annie Dressner is released on all platforms July 1st 2022.


Tour Venues

07 July, 2022 The Place Theatre, Bedford –
08 July, 2022 The Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft
09 July, 2022 The Electric Palace, Hastings
10 July, 2022 The Astor Theatre, Deal
12 July, 2022 The Neverland Theatre, Skegness
13 July, 2022 The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham –
14 July, 2022 The Small Space, Barry
15 July, 2022 Laurels Theatre, Whitley Ba
16 July, 2022 The Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool
17 July, 2022 The Staveley Roundhouse, Staveley

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