Day-dreaming, whimsical and deft, Melbourne artist David M. Western delivers a special new sound with insightful lyricism and powerful, distinct musical arrangements on his new single ‘Take Your Opportunities’. Following from his latest track and LP genesis, ‘Instant Life’, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ delivers David’s distinct reflective poeticism that continues to interrogate and stretch the boundaries of what it means to be a songwriter.

Out today, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ is the second track to be lifted from David’s forthcoming debut album due later in the year and follows two people at the beginning of a new relationship who are each doubting their ability to enter it fully. A somewhat satirical look at the way we often doubt ourselves in relationships and question why another would want to get to know our messy selves, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ reminds us to go with the flow, do things because they feel right, and take every opportunity life throws at us.

“This is the second chapter in this journey that I’m trying to detail through my releases. I wrote it almost tongue in cheek about a relationship between two people entering into a relationship. Kind of like a ‘are you serious? I can barely cross the street or behave like a real person. How can you afford to take a chance on me?’. I wanted to ramble off things about these characters whose lives were a hot mess and were also looking at themselves saying ‘is this possible for someone to actually want this?’. With my single before – ‘Instant Life’ – I was detailing what the listener was getting into, now this song reads as a ‘brace yourself. Get ready. We’re going all the way here.’” – David M. Western

Born and raised in the shadows of The Grampians, Victoria, David honed his performance skills playing the local pubs before even considering becoming this strange, ethereal, ghostly thing – a ‘songwriter’. Now, having been writing songs for a mere five years, David’s profound musicality has already earned him a reputation as a cherished and vital up and coming Australian artist. With only a handful of standalone singles released to his name; ‘Step On My Toes’, ‘Gallery’, and most recently ‘Instant Life’, David’s carefully considered and quietly evocative songwriting has lead him to sharing stages with some of Australia’s finest songwriters such as Julia Jacklin, Spacey Jane, Mimi Gilbert and Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird. David is coming out of isolation and hitting the stage for his first show of 2021 at Some Velvet Morning alongside Annie Rose Maloney on Saturday 13 March.


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