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Daytime TV release ‘Side By Side’

DAYTIME TV, return with a scintillating new single: “Side By Side”.

As their debut album inches ever closer, DAYTIME TV, return with a scintillating new single: “Side By Side”.

LISTEN HERE and watch the video below

The final track to be lifted from ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching ahead of its release; it’s a beatific, if bittersweet anthem to lost loves.

A tale of two lovers heading in two very different directions, “Side By Side” is a song of acceptance and redemption, chemistry and compassion, fate and those “foreign feelings” that only make sense when it’s already too late. As Daytime TV’s frontman Will Irvine says:

“It’s a painful thing when you love someone to pieces but there are circumstances that are driving a wedge between you. Sometimes you’re not around to put things right or to say or do the thing that would make that person feel better. We’re all at different parts of our journey at different times and sometimes they don’t match. It’s heartbreaking but it’s the fact that we’re all different that makes us human…. It’s a very raw song for us and one that tells a very real story”

From its spectral, subdued beginnings to the skyscraping, swooning chorus that rises-up like a lover’s last plea in search of salvation; “Side By Side” will stir the soul of anyone who has ever felt someone special slipping through their fingertips. The track was written in collaboration with Nick Atkinson & Edd Holloway (perhaps best known as the writers of Lewis Capaldi’s debut album).

Pairing primetime pop/rock arrangements with a captivating lyrical narrative, “Side By Side” provides another salivating reason to tune into Daytime TV’s upcoming album: ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching’ when it debuts on 25 February.

An album about humanity and alienation, connection and disconnection, interactions and distractions; ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching’ explores our relationship with technology and the complex relationships it creates between us as human-beings. As Will Irvine explains:

“‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching’ is an album about the way we, as humans, can alienate ourselves from real life connections and meaningful relationships through our dependence on technology. We’re less and less present with the people around us, which can leave us all isolated and alone when the lights go out at night. It’s a call to action for us to remember how to interact with each other, show love and be human. We all need it.”