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Dekel announces new album ‘Desert Moon’

Dekel has announced the release of her brand new album ‘Desert Moon’, out 8th September.

Singer-songwriter Dekel has announced the release of her brand new album ‘Desert Moon’, out 8th September.

‘Desert Moon’ is the second record from the Tel-Aviv performer, which sees her collaborate with producer Jonathan Quarmby (Ian Brown, Richard Hawley, Sam Ryder, Lewis Capaldi).

To coincide with the announcement, Dekel has released the brand new single ‘Always Summer Somewhere’, a wildly optimistic, sleek and Latin-influenced track which displays the richness of instrumentation, sound and songwriting present throughout the album.

On the track and video, Dekel says:

“The main idea and the heart of the song is the sentence “there’s always summer somewhere” in order to comfort. It doesn’t refer to an actual summer, season wise, but more to the qualities that summer brings and to the question: what is it summer? What does it do to nature, to animals, to humans, to the world?

We don’t often realise but we live under consistent rhythm and cycle. day and night,  four seasons, tides etc. It basically keeps us alive, safe and sane. Without it we wouldn’t survive.

We take it for granted that the sun will be shining tomorrow morning and I think we shouldn’t take anything for granted, and that’s reflected in the video too.”

‘Desert Moon’ is an album that is a uniquely singular vision from quite the melting pot of both genre, and instrumentation.

There’s the accordion and bayan which acknowledge her Russian heritage; there’s the exuberant uplift of traditional Israeli music (‘without sounding folkish!’ she emphasises) and there’s the lush, layered empathy indie folk, without sounding too indie.

Flavours of her inspirations line the album, mixing in the likes of Bjork and Kate Bush with the Latin Jaxx of Astrid Gilberto, Zach Condon’s Beirut, and PJ Harvey.

A through line throughout the album is the natural world – Dekel volunteers to work with savannah animals in the countryside close to Tel-Aviv. She says : ‘I work with the big beasts, feeding and maintaining herds of antelope, zebra and rhino. I take care of them and I feed them.’

‘Always Summer Somewhere’ is the latest release from the album following on from the title track ‘Desert Moon’ and the brilliantly inventive folk-pop track ‘Permanent and One Time Way’.