Delta Goodrem releases ‘Billionaire’, the fourth taste of what’s to come from her forthcoming album, BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED DREAMS. ‘Billionaire’ is out now through Sony Music Entertainment Australia – LISTEN HERE NOW.

‘Billionaire’ was written and produced by Delta Goodrem. The track hones in on the melodic and rambunctious side to Delta, with her confidence and conviction taking charge in ‘Billionaire’ to create an anthemic offering from the global superstar.

“‘Billionaire’ is one of my favourite songs on the record. It’s gritty, unfiltered girl power,” explains Delta.

Speaking to the lyrics of the song, Delta explains that during her late twenties an acquaintance had jovially suggested she just ‘go marry rich’. Noting that she took a bit of artistic license in the song and it wasn’t actually her mother who had suggested this (as the lyrics say), she explains that the concept didn’t sit right with her. “I’ve always been about leading with my heart and soul, and this song is about flipping social constructs on their head and saying, ‘I’m going to stand on my own two feet. I’m going to make things happen for myself.’”

Delta has today also announced her eagerly awaited sixth studio album BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED DREAMS will be released on May 14th and is available for PRE-ORDER NOW. The album will feature already released fan favourites ‘Keep Climbing’, ‘Solid Gold’ and ‘Paralyzed’.

“I have not tried to chase a specific sound; this album and body of work is me storytelling,” explains Delta. “In creating this album, I wanted to hear all of the songs with live musicians. Every song I started at the piano. Every instrument is recorded live and because of that, it has created a cohesive sound that has been captured.”

To coincide with the album is Delta’s first ever book, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, published by Simon & Schuster. In the book, she shares the intimate stories behind each of the tracks on her sixth studio album, taking readers on a deep dive into her inspiration for each song and revealing the truth behind the lyrics.

“This chapter is about truth. It’s about transparency; saying things out loud that I’ve always held inside. It’s about who I am and who I have always been deep down.”

Delta’s heartfelt stories are accompanied by never-before-seen pictures from her personal collection: candid behind-the-scenes shots, unreleased tour photos and even personal snaps from her childhood.

Bridge Over Troubled Dreams is available in hardcover, ebook and enhanced audiobook, which is narrated by Delta and features acoustic teasers from her new album. The book is available to PRE-ORDER NOW and will be available where all books are sold from May 14th.
The last 12 months has seen a number of positives in what’s been a challenging year for the artist community. Delta launched the Delta Goodrem Foundation, which strives to spread kindness, hope and support for those facing illness, hardship and inequality. With a lead collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, to help fund medical research in cellular therapy for blood cancers and auto-immune disease, $1 + GST from every ticket purchased to the BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED DREAMS TOUR will be donated to the Foundation – visit

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