Manny Blu has released his sophomore EP, titled DEViL, available to stream/download now. The EP contains five tracks, “Train,” “Might As Well Lead,” Valet,” “Circle Up,” and “Rusty Things,” and are all written by well-acclaimed songwriters including HARDY, Ryan Hurd, Craig Wiseman, and more.

Now available on all streaming services hereDEViL is a complete country mixtape that Manny Blu delivers with solid vocals and his developed style. It combines love stories, ballads, and one powerhouse country rock-infused party anthem that every listener can relate to and enjoy.  The EP also features collaborations with Blaine Holcomb and Canadian vocalist Brittany Kennell.

In Blu’s own words, he describes the EP as “an ensemble of songs that have a variety of skill sets and sides of me as an artist that I haven’t shown before. DEViL is made like a mixtape of different sounds and styles that we will keep making moving forward.” 

Blu has created a stir, and more of a name for himself as his music in the Nashville scene has developed this year with the release of four singles off his DEViL EP. His first release, “Train,” has surpassed one million streams since its release. “Might As Well Lead” introduced listeners to Blu’s falsetto and the range of instrumentation in his new music as the electric guitars and drums were paired with the sweetness of violins. “Valet” showed a different side of Blu’s vocals and charisma, surprising and impressing reviewers.

One reviewer described the “Valet” track as “A much-anticipated change of pace for Blu and showcases the astonishing versatility in his voice, as well as the previously undiscovered tenderness.” (Three Chords Country). “Circle Up” shot up on several playlists such as “New Music Nashville,” CMT’s “The Roundup,” “Canada’s Country,” and more as fans loved the tempo of the track and related to the call to action to embrace the weekend. One new track debuted on the EP is “Rusty Things.” The focal song will be spotlighted throughout the release weekend and was previously teased on Blu’s Live & Turned Up series here.

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