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Dizzy release new single ‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’

‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’ is a reworking of ‘The Magician’ now featuring Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer, Luna Li. Dizzy

Following their recent JUNO Award nomination for Alternative Album of the YearDizzy are excited to release their new single ‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’ featuring Luna Li  stream here. The new track is the first offering from a forthcoming collaborations EP titled Separate Places. The EP will be released on Communion Records on 11th June.

The Separate Places EP sees the Canadian four-piece reimagine some of the standout tracks from their second album, 2020’s The Sun and Her Scorch. Each track features a different guest artist on vocals: ‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’ is a reworking of ‘The Magician’ now featuring Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer, Luna Li. Dizzy will be announcing the featured artist for each track in the build up to EP release.

Upon its release, the album was praised for its “blissful 1990s pop sound” (Sunday Times Culture) and its candid exploration of the messiest, most raw emotions young people experience in the modern age. “I wanted to be completely honest about the things nobody ever wants to admit, like being jealous of your friends or pushing away the people who love you,” frontwoman Katie Munshaw says. “So instead of being about romantic heartbreak, it’s really about self-heartbreak.” The Sun and Her Scorch has been nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at the prestigious JUNO Awards, a feat previously achieved by the likes of Arcade Fire – and Dizzy themselves, for their 2018 debut Baby Teeth.

Unable to tour the record due to the pandemic, Dizzy returned to the studio, bubbling with a fervent creative energy and drive to make the most of a bad situation. “The Separate Places EP has allowed songs from The Sun and Her Scorch to go on tour without us,” Katie explains. “Following some of our favourite artists around the globe from Birmingham, London, New York and back to Toronto. Each song has been reimagined. ‘Primrose Hill’ is now fiery and tough. ‘The Magician’ and ‘Ten’ returned to a state of naive, solemn bliss. ‘Beatrice’ gains solace with felt piano and harmony and ‘Sunflower’ sounds like something out of a Super Mario Brothers video game. It’s kind of a ride.”

Each track draws inspiration from Dizzy’s chosen collaborators, breathing new life into an already stellar collection of music, enriched by the excitement of artistic synergy in a time when collaboration hasn’t always seemed possible. It’s a celebration of the new ways we have found to be together, even though we’re all in separate places.

The Separate Places EP will be released on 11th June on Communion Records, including the below tracks. The featured artist for each track will be announced by Dizzy in the build up to EP release.