Introducing new band Dolores Forever and their infectious new single ‘Rothko’. 

‘Rothko’, with its chorus hook of “I thought you saw me like a Rothko/but you didn’t even see me at all”, follows two rapturous sets at this year’s Glastonbury Festival which left heads turning – two of only five shows that the band have ever played. Listen HERE.

Debut EP Baby Teeth saw them pick up a wide spread of online support from the likes of iD Magazine, Dummy and Mahogany, with the duo gracing the cover of Spotify’s Hot New Bands along the way. 

Dolores Forever are close friends Hannah Wilson (from Yorkshire) and Julia Fabrin (from Copenhagen) who met on the roof of a house party in London, connecting over their love of Mitski, Sharon Van Etten, Stevie Nicks, the Spice Girls and everything in between.

With a string of magical singles in the works and an EP later this year, Dolores Forever are building unstoppable momentum.

By harnessing their experiences – in the music industry and beyond – these two brilliantly talented women are creating powerful pop that will resonate with anybody who, like them, feels things intensely. “We’re not broken women,” stresses Hannah. “We’re just fascinated by the viscerality of emotion.” It’s why, she supposes, they were both drawn to songwriting in the first place. “You get to go into a room and within ten minutes somebody’s spilling their guts out to you.”

“I wanna make art that really matters,” Julia continues. “But that also brings people comfort,” chimes in Hannah, “to other people out there who feel a bit emotional and weird and like an outsider.” And in providing the accompanying score for those big moments and big feelings, they hope to be the positive force they so relied on growing up. “I remember finding so much in songs,” Julia explains. “They made me feel like my feelings mattered and were understood.”

“A good pop song is really well crafted,” she continues, reflecting on their skills. “The parts of it all work together, like sudoku. And when it clicks, it’s so good.” With an immense musical knowledge and a drive to impact the lives of their listeners, Dolores Forever are a defiant force for change in music. And with this exciting new chapter, the world is about to experience not just music that clicks, but big emotional bangers that’ll get them through anything. 

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