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Dorian Electra announces debut album “Flamboyant”

“Their commitment to the bit is as courageous as it is outrageous.” – Pitchfork

Dorian Electra (they/them/theirs) announces their highly anticipated debut album “Flamboyant” to be released 17th July 2019.

“Flamboyant” is the debut, self-aware pop album co-written by Dorian Electra alongside the likes of Bonnie Mckee (Carly Rae Jepsen, Christina Aguilera) and Jesse Saint John (Britney Spears, Kim Petras) and produced by a variety of collaborators. The album takes on the ideals of masculinity by shaping and breaking stereotypes – as seen in ‘Man To Man’ where Dorian takes on toxic masculinity whilst ‘Career Boy’ comments on the fetishization of work in our modern capitalist society. Dorian’s latest single ‘Flamboyant’ has seen success after reaching 420k+ views on Youtube with a colourful and punchy video that pays homage to the legendary Liberace.

The unrestrained album sees the gender fluid popstar mix classical baroque instruments with heavy metal guitars, futuristic metallic drums and pure pop melodies in the signature Dorian Electra style. Shattering traditions whilst paying homage to them and the history of pop, the album “Flamboyant” is a reclamation of a coded term that has historically been used against the queer community in a derogatory way. Dorian is relentless when it comes to poking fun at the masculine ego’s need to be the centre of attention whilst also encouraging a healthy level of confidence and self-love within the way one expresses themselves. Speaking on the album Dorian says: “Each track on the album takes on a different masculine trope or character in order to explore the nuances of gender, power, politics, sex, music, and fashion all with a future-facing pop sound. Everything from instrument choice to aesthetics draws from the history of camp…while also being deeply personal and radically queer.”

“Flamboyant” follows on from Dorian’s 2017 collaboration with Charli XCX for her “Pop 2” album track ‘Femmebot (Feat. Dorian Electra & Mykki Blanco)’. Last year saw Dorian support the world-renowned feminist collective, Pussy Riot on their first ever US tour. More recently Dorian has gained a queer cult following and has led them to be recognised as a revolutionary talent by critics across the world.

Dorian Electra will be playing shows across the US to celebrate their debut album and pride month including the first ever Go West Fest, an LGBTQ+ festival curated and co-hosted by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan.