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‘Dreams of Summertime’ new from Goldford

Goldford adds to his growing reputation by sharing his new EP ‘Dreams Of Summertime’, together with a suitably cinematic video for its title track.

Goldford’s recent singles ‘Dreams Of Summertime’ and ‘Ride The Storm’ have demonstrated the artist’s whole-hearted approach to writing: songs that chart deeply personal tales of life’s challenges, but crafted in a way that’s universal enough for people to connect them to their own experiences. They’re brought to life by a voice that’s clearly lived through everything he sings about, a voice with a tender, velvety soul but also a gravelly tenacity.

Today Goldford adds to his growing reputation by sharing his new EP ‘Dreams Of Summertime’, together with a suitably cinematic video for its title track.

Defined by an aesthetic full of vivid cinematography and a warm, rich palette, the video captures a snapshot of childhood innocence at the height of summer. A young girl is shown growing up in a loving environment that will help her flourish, and the positive atmosphere is further fuelled by the blissful summer sun. But one day she sees her parents’ love break and things are never quite the same again. Her light of innocence meets the truth of a complicated world.   In a poignant final scene, she returns to the place where everything had changed and has the bittersweet experience of finding closure. What’s gone can’t be returned, but most things heal in time.

Directed by Caitlin Gerard ( Dawes, Madison Cunningham, Andrew Bird), the video represents an astute and symbolic interpretation of a song which Goldford described as being “about knowing that no matter how hard things get, the seasons change and we heal.” 

“This incredibly personal song was inspired by my childhood…” explains GoldFord, “No matter how hard things got, I always knew summertime would bring me back my freedom. It always did. It still does”  

The ‘Dreams Of Summertime’ EP adds four new songs to Goldford’s recent singles. ‘Come Alive For Me’ lifts up to a feelgood mood after the elegiac melancholy of the title track, with a raw and rambunctious blast of old school R&B that will surely ignite future live shows. The calm, acoustic-based ‘As I Am Of You’ places a lesser explored twist on the love song, the fragility of not feeling as if you deserve the love that comes your way. ‘Mine To Lose’ then best captures his influences from ‘90s hip-hop, the blunt, punchy beat the soundbed for some Motown-style soul. And finally, ‘Mine To Lose’ is a sonic contrast, with an intimate approach that sounds like a one-take solo acoustic performance.

‘Dreams Of Summertime’ was recorded in Los Angeles with the Grammy-nominated production duo Likeminds (John Legend, Ray BLK). Between the height of lockdown and their relative isolation, Goldford’s creativity was reinvigorated by the lack of pressure or outside distractions. The result was a set of songs which channel a wealth of truth and experience.