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Ed Cosens releases debut solo single ‘If’

After several attempts, it became the song that sent me in the right direction.

Ed Cosens announces debut solo album with first single release ‘If’

Ed Cosens is stepping out of the shadows to take centre stage. The bewitching ‘If’, his debut single, marks both the start of an overdue solo career and the latest chapter in the life of a longtime lynchpin of the Sheffield music scene. 

Listen to ‘If’ HERE

Best known as the guitarist/bassist and co-songwriter in Reverend & The Makers, Ed has spent 15 years conquering the charts and touring the world, yet leaving the limelight to others. With ‘If’, the first song written for his forthcoming solo album, Fortunes Favour (due early 2021), he’s finally ready to reveal his true self. 

“It’s only taken 10 years or so for me to find the confidence!” says the self-depreciating singer, who shared stages with Arctic Monkeys members Matt Helders and Alex Turner before the Makers took off. “I subscribe to the fine wine way of thinking – allow things to mature fully before enjoying. Nobody wants to be Lambrusco!” 

‘If’ distils a lifetime of longing and loss, of dreams Vs. desires, into three mesmerising minutes of tremolo-rich, strings-soaked melody. Plangent chord progressions and mournful tones pair with poetic reflections on life’s twists and turns. Shades of The Beatles, Echo & The Bunnymen and Richard Hawley snake in and out. Emotions take over as Ed opens up fully for the first time.

Drawing on Ed’s personal experience, he says of ‘If’ “Its a love-lorn tale of the struggle between true love’s path and the path which you think you’re destined to follow. It’s about the conflict between what you think you want, where you unwittingly lead yourself and ultimately where you should really be.” 

“After several attempts, it became the song that sent me in the right direction. With a lot of albums, it takes one song to kick things off and this was that moment for me. It set out the stall for who I wanted to be as an artist with its strong sense of emotion and the journey that runs through it.”

“People ask why I waited so long, but there was no masterplan,” says Ed. “The time had to feel right. I found my voice along with an inner confidence and suddenly the itch was too much not to scratch. Once I’d started, I scratched like there was no tomorrow.”