Ed Cosens shares new single ‘Little Boy’, the “most personal” song on his forthcoming album ‘Somewhere Between Dark and Light’, and announces performances at The Great Escape Festival on 15th May and Deer Shed Festival on ….

The gently string-laced acoustic meditation of ‘Little Boy’ talks of the titular character “sitting in the corner, doesn’t know what he wants to be… the little boy is me.” It was partly inspired by the feelings of insecurity and self-doubt Cosens says have always plagued him. “It’s like, ‘What is my place in all of this?’ I felt that sometimes being in Reverend and the Makers with characters like Jon, so loud and effervescent, I’d struggle to be heard. I’m the exact opposite, really, I’m very quiet, happy to sit at the back of the room.”

That might just be changing though, as Cosens explains that one of the reasons he’s felt the urge to strike out on his own is to make his mark under his own steam. “I’m really proud of what I achieved in the Makers,” he says, “but I suppose now I’d like my story to be told and heard.”

The album Somewhere Between Dark And Light offers an immediate variety of classic songwriting, delving into personal territory for inspiration. “‘In the light’ is probably the most representative track of the dark and light idea,” says Cosens. “‘When I’m Done Running’ and ‘I’m On Your Side’ “represent the lightest moments – those moments where I feel most positive and comforted by those around me.”

The new album addresses issues that have felt all too close to home in recent years. The pandemic led many of us to face up to the fragility of existence amid so many people succumbing to a disease with no cure, and Cosens, now a father to two boys, addresses what family means to him in the heart-on-sleeve piano ballad “Tiny Boxes”, which he pinpoints as one of his favourites on the record. “ It’s a love song to my family,” he says. Earlier this year Cosens released Doghouse, a song for anyone who has ever found themselves relegated to the couch. His last single Suckerpunch addresses situations that feel completely out of your control.


Wed 8th May Jacaranda Liverpool
Fri 10th May The Castle Manchester
Thurs 16th May The Slaughtered Lamb London
Fri 17th May Albion Rooms Margate
Thurs 23rd May Oporto Leeds
Fri 24th May Leadmill Sheffield
Thurs 30th May Mosaic Tap Newcastle
Fri 31st May The Chapel Nottingham

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