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Elaine Malone releases ‘Nothing Is Real’

Irish singer-songwriter Elaine Malone announces the release of her new single “Nothing is Real”

Irish singer-songwriter Elaine Malone announces the release of her new single “Nothing is Real”, out now. This new single showcases Malone’s unique and eclectic style, blending elements of 90s grunge, shoegaze, country, and psych-rock.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most influential artists in music history, such as The Velvet Underground, Nico, Lee Hazlewood, and more, Malone creates a sound that is both hauntingly evocative and thrillingly inventive. As a multi-instrumentalist, Malone weaves together harmonium, guitar, percussion, and bass to create a mesmerizing soundscape that will captivate listeners.

Malone has been a key figure in Cork’s thriving DIY music scene for over a decade, gaining critical acclaim with her 2018 debut EP, “Land”. Critics praised Malone’s timeless instrumentation and “undeniable skills as a storyteller,” solidifying her place as an important new voice in Irish music. In the years since her debut, Malone has continued to push boundaries and expand her musical repertoire, releasing two albums as the experimental folk-horror project Mantua and participating in several other musical projects, including punk outfit Land Crabs and Krautrock-led Soft Focus.

With her new single “Nothing is Real”, Malone and her supporting band of accomplished musicians from Cork, including Jimmy Christie, Sam Clague, and Ruairi Dale, have taken her music to a new level of dexterity and dynamism. With over 2 million streams, Malone’s music has already garnered a massive following, and her forthcoming album is sure to solidify her place as one of the most exciting artists in contemporary music.

“Nothing is Real” will be available on all major platforms on February 24th. Keep an eye out for Elaine Malone’s highly anticipated debut album, set for release later this year via Pizza Pizza Records.