Indie electronic trio Elder Island share details of their hotly anticipated sophomore album Swimming Static, due to be released 28th May 2021.

The announcement arrives alongside sparkling new cut Purely Educational, the third single taken from the upcoming album joining previous releases Feral and Small Plastic Heart as another glimpse at what fans might expect.

Following the release of 2019’s acclaimed debut album ‘The Omnitone Collection’, Elder Island’s upcoming new ten-track album ‘Swimming Static’ sees the band meld genres with effortless precision. Flitting between the surreal dream-state of electronica and the storytelling-esque lyricisms of indie, the new record tempers introspection with a coveted taste of feel-good pop, offering dashes of neo-soul at the core.

Speaking about the upcoming album which was recorded over the past year in their home studio, Elder Island explain:

“Swimming Static is an album born of freeform musical expression, shaped by overcoming challenges and fortified by the severity of focus bestowed upon it. The album explores our disposition towards nostalgia and reflection. The fallibility and changeability of history, myth and memory. Within the tracks we learnt to apprehend and appreciate the turmoils of the present by looking elsewhere but all the time striving to pledge ourselves to the moment.”

Energetic and commanding, new single ‘Purely Educational’ captures the night of a party in a time without, harking back to darkened rooms and late evening anticipation. Upbeat and underscored by a funk-led bassline, vocalist Katy Sargent’s reverb-laden vocals glide through a glistening dancefloor.  The track is joined by deep house b-side, ‘Trailblazer’. Appropriately named; while a moving chord sequence conjures a sense of Balearic nostalgia, hazy sunsets and early hour clubbing, Katy’s vocals take the sound to a haunting new space.

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Stream new single ‘Purely Educational’ & B-side ‘Trailblazer’ here

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