Elohim shares part one of her four-legged music series titled ‘Journey to the Center of Myself,’ a special collection of work revealed in four EPs through-out the year.

Described by Elohim as the beginning of her passage to self-discovery, ‘Journey to The Center of Myself’ covers serious ground with its brooding collection of electronic cuts. An unpredictable combination of alt-pop and bass boosted house, Elohim continues to push the boundaries of electronic music by embracing her vulnerable side.

Speaking about the project, Elohim writes:

“Journey to the Center of Myself’ is much like a labyrinth…”

“The intention of a labyrinth is to heal your mind by following the spiral path without averting your eyes. Ultimately, what you experience is a short reprieve from the chaos of decision making as your mind is allowed to wander because there is no left or right, only a line that you know will lead you to the centre and then back out again at whatever pace you choose. Johns Hopkins actually created one in Baltimore as a spiritual service for patients and their families to discover peace during trying times. This project was exactly that for me: it was a way for me to find peace in self-discovery.”

The first EP is introduced by the eponymously titled track ‘Journey to the Center of Myself.’ It’s a summer-ready anthem that adds to this kaleidoscopic palette of an EP that bounces from classic house to experimental and indie alternative – from the amour-propre of ‘I Am The Greatest’ to the introspective ‘Nice,’ and the raw lyricism behind ‘Creatures.’

The EP also includes previously released single ‘STRUT’ ft. bounce rapper Big Freedia. Hailed by MTV as “an instant classic,” with PAPER Magazine labeling it “an undeniable scorcher,” ‘STRUT’ is the ultimate summer anthem, an unapologetic celebration of uniqueness and inner power.

With an ever growing international fan-base and a soon to be released collection of EP’s, Elohim’s music explores the beauty of human connection. Her musical styles span the gamut from inventive electronic and indie alternative to unabashed pop with her psychedelic live shows set against a backdrop of breathtaking visuals that create an extrasensory experience.

Elohim released her first body of work in 2016, which was followed by a number of collaborations with the likes of GRiZ, Louis The Child, Skrillex, and Marshmello. Her self-titled album followed in 2018, which included hit singles “Sleepy Eyes,” “Half Love” and “Hallucinating.” Her next release, 2019’s “Braindead” EP was some of her most personal material to date, dealing with the struggles of mental illness. Sales from the project were donated to initiatives in commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month. Elohim continues her activism in this space through her involvement with The JED Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for the nation’s teens and young adults.

Stay tuned for more new music from Elohim, coming soon.

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