Emeli Sandé is rightfully back in the spotlight after announcing the November 17th release of her new album ‘How Were We To Know’ and having her recent single ‘There For You’ premiered by Zoe Ball on Radio 2. Now her resurgence gains traction as she unveils the album’s title track as her brand new single. It’s one of Emeli’s finest vocal performances, and one that will remind fans why they fell in love with her in the first place. Listen HERE.

‘How Were We To Know’ is full of drama and spectacle, as Emeli Sandé masters the art of the slow-build by opening with a devastating wolf-cry of a falsetto, enveloped by soft keys and swooning strings. While she sounds fragile at first, her delivery grows steadily more resolute as she absolves herself, and her lover, of any blame for this fractured relationship. At the climax she unleashes the full force of her voice, letting it soar, belting with unfiltered emotion. The song is a triumph, showcasing an artist at the very height of her powers.

Emeli says, “I wrote “How Were We To Know” at a time in my life where I was reconciling with myself after the end of a relationship that left me undone and re-evaluating my view on love and life. I was highly emotionally charged the day I wrote, and recorded it with Chris Loco and Phil Leigh and the lyrics and melody seemed to flow out effortlessly as the chords began to play.

There will always be a period of anger, disappointment and blame at the end of a relationship but carrying those emotions can make life so much heavier than it needs to be. To fall in love takes bravery, vulnerability and completely letting go of logic. To me, love is a return to innocence which can often leave you naïve to the realities of life. Although the end can be brutal and leave you devastated, it’s unfair to punish yourself for giving your all and trusting in love. I see this song as a plea for understanding and compassion for yourself and former relationships. In both life and love there is no way of knowing the ultimate outcome of any situation.”

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