British singer-songwriter Emily Burns shares her brand new single ‘8 Hours Behind’ – stream here. The single comes alongside a painstakingly emotive visualiser which highlights the touching sentiment of the track, watch below.

With the backdrop of a delicate piano melody, Burns’ beautifully gentle vocals tell a heartbreaking tale about hopelessly longing to travel back in time to fix a shattered relationship. Emily’s delicate tones paired with her earnest lyrics bring to life the emotional turmoil of a broken heart. The track follows on from Emily’s previous two singles ‘Balcony Floor’ and ‘Cheating On Her’.

Speaking on the single, Emily comments: “I wrote 8 Hours Behind about that period of time after a devastating argument. The wishing you hadn’t said what you said, the desperately hoping they’ll change their mind and stay… the moment it really feels like the end. I had this idea about boarding a flight and travelling to another time zone to try to alter the past. Chasing time in hopes of reversing it. I’m well aware it’s a far-fetched idea but, love can make you crazy right? It’s a song about, perhaps naively, trying anything and everything to turn things around – where a simple 8 hours could change your whole future.”

Emily has a knack for writing honest and raw indie-pop gems. In her music, earworm choruses are coupled with diaristic lyrics, her distinct storytelling – inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Elton John and Julia Michaels – front and centre. Born in West Lothian, Scotland, and raised in Rugby, Emily started writing songs from a young age. She decided to pursue music properly in her teens, writing her own tunes and playing gigs, eventually moving to London when she was 18 to follow those dreams. In the capital her musical network opened up, particularly when she bagged a job on the front desk of iconic recording studio Abbey Road. Inspired by the huge names that passed through the studio, post-shift Emily would head up to the studio and record tracks, uploading them to Soundcloud as soon as they were finished and starting to build her reputation and eager fanbase.

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