Today, renowned pianist and classical music composer, Fabrizio Paterlini, releases his new single ‘Be in The Moment’, (Memory Recordings, under exclusive license to Believe).”

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As a talented and fully independent musician, with over 165 million streams across different platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, Fabrizio is continuing to share his beautiful sound with his fans globally through his new music. Ranging from Neoclassical, ambient, minimalist and new age genres, Fabrizio’s intrinsic tones evoke an array of emotions with listeners. 

Tapping directly into universal human emotions, this distinctive cinematic track inspires listeners to sit back, savour the present moment, and fully embrace the beauty and joys of life. Fabrizio is known for his ability to create captivating musical experiences by transporting listeners to a dreamy realm of sound. The delicate nature of his compositions in this song evokes a sense of fragility and intimacy, drawing listeners into a profound connection with his music. ‘Be in The Moment’ provides solace and tranquillity to those who immerse themselves in his melodies. 

Alongside the new single, Fabrizio also announces his long awaited tour around the UK and Europe including two headline dates at Conway Hall in London and at Stoller Hall in Manchester. Fans from around the world will be able to attend intimate concerts to hear the powerful and sophisticated notes from the Italian musical artist. Publication Flush The Fashion reviewed the show as “gorgeous, flowing, yet contains an elegant stillness, space, at one with itself, that it’s not a sadness, but a mediation, reflection in the moment.”

Fabrizio comments, While the rhythmic and repetitive succession of the main theme seems to accompany us in thoughts of escaping from the everyday, it is the piano that enters halfway through the piece, bringing us back to the importance of the “here and now,” calling the listener’s attention to live in the present moment.

Fabrizio began playing piano at the young age of six years-old, and studied for five years in the ancient northern Italian city of Mantua Academy of Arts, from where he graduated in Music Theory. Since then, he has strived to express himself through the piano. The composer’s two previous albums ‘LifeBlood’ and ‘The Studio Sessions’ saw great success and his ambient music has been used in dozens of short films, documentaries and advertisements, like Io ti salverò, One Way and Ángeles de nadie. 

UK Tour Dates 2023 and 2024 Below: 

  • Nov 9th, London (UK) : Conway Hall

  • Nov 10th, Manchester (UK) : Stoller Hall

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